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4 Aug 2014


  • Despite hitting all-time highs during July, the absolute return strategies had a negative month due to sell-offs in Equities, Crude Oil, US Government Bonds and FX (against USD), however losses were partially offset with surges in Coffee (+11%) and Zinc (+6%)
  • Performance year-to-date and over longer horizons remains strong and in line with expectation with risk levels stable and within budgets
  • With so many political, humanitarian as well financial worries dominating the headlines currently, investor fear has naturally increased and portfolios everywhere are surely under review for diversification or re-allocation of risk. The absolute return portfolios remain highly diversified across all four asset classes with risk evenly balanced and are thus robustly positioned should there be further risky asset sell-off as well as being able to benefit from continuing positive trends
  • It is interesting to note that at the start of the year the allocation was more concentrated with equity exposure 34%, commodities 0% and bond exposure 53% in the 2 YR US Treasury. In July equity exposure was down to 17% and in some different sectors, commodities increased to 17% with rotation into Crude Oil, Coffee, Nickel and Zinc and the bond exposure 49% was split between both the 2 YR and 5 YR US Treasuries
  • For the coming month Technology equities and Copper will come in with Crude Oil dropping out with the rest of the portfolio remaining as is and well diversified.

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